WorkScreen is the simplest way to test hearing at work. Testing is easy with our user-operated tablet handset. Receive instant results, prepared to HSE guidelines, with a free copy by email.
No minimum charge or extras.

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Easy to Use: No Specialist Knowledge or Training Required

The WorkScreen tablet handset requires no specialist preparation, is simple to operate and has been designed so that anyone who can use a smartphone, can effectively test their hearing with the minimum of oversight. Faster, easier testing with less supervision means workers, employers and healthcare staff can minimise negative operational impacts of testing and focus on high value, core activities.

Screening for any Number of Staff: 1 - 1,000 (and more...)

WorkScreen easily scales to provide screening for any number of people. It’s just a case of using more (or less) handsets. So whether you are testing one person with a single handset on an ad-hoc basis or implementing a program of screening for 1,000 workers with multiple handsets in multiple locations, WorkScreen assures the same standard of consistent, high quality testing, letting you create the optimum system for your organisation.

Silent Operation Means Better Results

Unlike traditional or PC controlled audiometers, the WorkScreen handset has no moving parts, buttons and is silent in operation, supporting a more accurate test result.

High Quality Components

WorkScreen has been created specifically to provide hearing tests in the workplace. Even our earphones have been specially selected to outperform traditional audiology earphones: they are independently tested to provide a more stable sound performance, and better protection against outside noise by around 10dB. They are also easy to put on correctly (unlike traditional earphones, which MUST be placed correctly). And because our earphones are professional DJ-quality, they are a whole lot more comfortable (but that is less easy to prove scientifically!).

Hearing Tests at Work with Less Hassle

WorkScreen is flexible and adaptable, which means you can test staff according to a strict schedule, an ad-hoc “drop-in” system, or whatever works for you, so that you can fit hearing tests around your needs with the minimum fuss and hassle.

Easy Booking

Even booking WorkScreen hearing tests saves time and complexity, with just 3 simple questions: how many tests do you need? When? And where?

Whole Life Support - we take care of it

The WorkScreen ethos is that we provide an important, high-quality service. So whether you access our WorkScreen hearing screening through our rental or purchase options, our service includes annual servicing, handset support and immediate swap out - if required - to keep your service going.

Consistent, Quality Tests - Time after Time after Time

Unlike manually controlled testing, our automated, computer controlled minimises human variables to ensure that each test is administered to the same standard and quality every time. This ensures our clients benefit from the highest standards of repeatability, worker health assessment and staff protection.

24/7 Hearing Testing - without extra cost or complexity

WorkScreen is on hand to provide hearing screening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In other words, WorkScreen clients can test shift-workers or variable-hour staff with no more difficulty, cost or complexity than checking staff with a 9-5 working day.

Test Temps & Contractors

Because WorkScreen makes it easy and cost effective to test just one worker, our clients can baseline easily temps, contractors, part-time workers and anyone else at risk of regular exposure to noise, as required under the Noise at Work Regulations and Guidance.

Hearing Tests Anywhere

Our patented online technology means that you can use WorkScreen in any suitably quiet location with wi-fi or 3G coverage. Which means you can provide cost-effective hearing tests at work pretty much anywhere, to any number of people – from 1 to 1,000.

Clear Consistent Pricing

Pricing is transparent, based on the number of tests and handsets you need - no hidden extras. Contact us for details.

Test and Trial Easily

If you are a potential customer, arranging to try WorkScreen for yourself is as simple as letting us know what you need. Then try it for a few days and let us know what you think. Maybe WorkScreen is just the thing for you and maybe it isn't. It's easy to find out.

No Minimum Order or Call Out Fee

No call out fee or other excess costs means WorkScreen is value for money from just one test.

Flexible Priceplans - multiple ways to order

You can rent WorkScreen to access our hearing screening service; buy your own WorkScreen handset to provide your own hearing screening or you can even licence our technology for integration into your existing occupational health system. This means you can manage the level of complexity to suit your needs, or even start with rental, before graduating to purchase or licence.

Full Service Testing and Reporting

Every test includes a free HSE category report and referral letter (where required). Rental includes test summary report, providing you with the information you need to manage noise at work under the HSE guidelines.

Configurable Screening Services

The standard WorkScreen test follows the HSE’s guidelines. Alternatively, the WorkScreen test and reports can be configured to include questions, checks or tests to reflect your policies or preferred wording. This means WorkScreen supports and reinforce corporate training documentation, policies etc, seamlessly integrating to existing systems.

Branded Screening Services

WorkScreen clients can add their corporate identity throughout WorkScreen and reports, so that WorkScreen powers your occupational health offering or screening services.

Instant Results

WorkScreen instantly provides a personal test report to maximise worker knowledge, awareness and safety. We include a free copy sent to your inbox, minimising paperwork and administration.

Seamless Integration

Simple wireless connectivity by Wi-Fi and instant reporting by email means that WorkScreen is simple to integrate into any organisation, saving the costs and disruption of computer integration, security, hardware wiring and so on.

Free Reports and Record Keeping

WorkScreen immediately sends your personal hearing screening report to your inbox free of charge to simplify your record keeping and health record.

GDPR & UK Data Centre

WorkScreen operates to GDPR regulations. We host and manage all data here in the UK, so that our clients can be sure data is held securely and safely in accordance with regulations.

Free Referrals

The WorkScreen referral service is free and ensures everyone receives the fastest possible referral, so that employers and employees get the intervention they need as soon as possible.

Specialist Knowledge & Experience

WorkScreen reports are created by our registered audiologists with many years of experience protecting and preserving hearing for the NHS and private sector. This means summary test reports and any anomalies are individually reviewed by qualified staff, so that WorkScreen clients can be confident they are receiving accurate results and referrals.

Fully Audited

Unlike any other hearing test, WorkScreen records every interaction with each hearing test to give full and precise insight into each and every test for full accuracy, audit and review where required.

Built-in Spoof-proof Technology

WorkScreen is online and alert 24 hours a day, which means our anti-spoofing technology is consistent and always alert for false readings or user “spoofing” – helping you ensure readings are accurate, consistent and valid.

Truely On-site Testing: get closer to your workers

Self-contained, wireless & portable: WorkScreen is the easy way to provide on-site hearing testing anywhere, at any time of day for any number of staff. This means WorkScreen can provide effective hearing tests closer to your staff with less disruption or downtime, wherever they are working.

Portable Screening – more Than Just Mobile Testing

Unlike traditional “mobile” hearing screening, (which may be a technician with an audiometer in a van), WorkScreen is fully portable: wireless, rechargeable, self-contained and light. This means you can take WorkScreen anywhere – even into secure or bio/hygiene-controlled areas - to provide effective, quality hearing tests in any suitably quiet environment, meeting your obligations under UK Noise at Work regulations.

Easy to Clean & Prepare

WorkScreen is based around a tablet PC - which makes it simple to set up and to keep clean for hygienic use. By doing away with the traditional "patient response button" - which the user would hold in their hand for the duration of the test - WorkScreen has removed a key site of potential cross-infection. Our cleaning procedures are on the FAQ pages:

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