"That’s great, thank you for making this very easy.
It was also great using your Quote/Invoice system.
and easy to print invoice ready for accounts.
Was easy enough to save as a PDF, easy to print the quote
Very useful and efficient system"

"I’m getting on with the device really well , Great feedback from staff and some managers ;-)"

"The flexibility of Workscreen allows us to capture staff who aren’t normally
covered in industries where you cannot simply arrive at a factory environment
to begin back o back tests. We can combine this work with our planned
consultancy support to ensure that we gather a complete data set."

"we would use WorkScreen again as was given through training on the audiogramprocedure for each employee, the employees found it easy to use, the result was available on screen to the employee at the end of the test and emailed to them & the manager overseeing them for record keeping, it saved production downtime and labour costs and reduced the actual cost of the audiograms."

"The whole process from start to finish feels like it has
been thought through to ensure the end user is at ease
and has all the information they need. We will be using WorkScreen for all our hearing screening needs
and look forward to a continued strong working relationship."

"It was so successful, that we will now be testing all
of our instructors on an annual basis – even those with no appreciable issues"

"This is a cost-effective, flexible and efficient alternative to the traditional way of undertaking audiometry testing"

"A simple to use, cost effective method of capturing remote/distant workers across the UK
with minimal effort and reducing overall costs, time and effort in provision of Health Surveillance"

Less hassle, better engagement & happier staff