Advancing the telehealth, e-health & m-health revolution

Telehealth is the distribution of health-related services and information via electronic information and telecommunication technologies.


WorkScreen is part of the global telehealth, m-health and e-health revolution. Our e-health and teleaudiology technology provides healthcare at a distance to improve service, care, accessibility and outcomes. We are one of the first organisations in the world to bring the power of e-health to occupational hearing tests in the workplace. 

How to stay safe and stay compliant

Sooner or later, staff at risk due to exposure to noise must be provided with hearing tests. And even though the UK's HSE permitted certain occupational health deferments during the C-19 pandemic, employer's legal obligations remain under the Noise at Work Act. So, deferring or delaying hearing tests may be creating a backlog of tests and a future headache.


By using e-health, WorkScreen can continue hearing surveillance, maintaining compliance and without creating a logjam of hearing tests tomorrow. All  while supporting current procedures to reduce C-19 risks to your staff and healthcare providers.  

Explore other unique WorkScreen benefits on our "Why WorkScreen" page.

No-contact hearing tests at work. Convenient, safe & simple for everyone.

Supporting social distancing measures at work


Distancing measures at work often damage productivity and are hard to implement - particularly for healthcare services. As a user-operated system that is intuitive and automatic, there is no requirement for technical or clinical staff to support users taking a WorkScreen hearing test.


Instructions are simple, on screen or can be simply explained at a distance without specialist knowledge or understanding. In fact, as a basic principle, anyone who can use a smartphone can conduct a high quality hearing test with WorkScreen. This means organisations can maintain safe separation between staff. meet guidelines and social distancing measures, whilst still providing effective hearing surveillance.

WorkScreen single terminal office 2 - we

You can use WorkScreen and maintain separation

Minimise hygiene & infection risks with WorkScreen


The WorkScreen handset is based around a tablet-PC and is easier to clean than traditional audiometers.


In particular, we did away with the separate patient response button (PRB) common to traditional audiometers. Because a PRB is hand-held and transferred between users, WorkScreen avoids this significant source of potential contamination.

You can download our cleaning guidelines here.

WorkScreen Handset Cleaning Procedure

Cleaning a WorkScreen handset starts with cleaning the screen

Ideal hearing tests for absent or isolated staff


Using the power of e-health, WorkScreen can safely and conveniently access remote staff or small teams that are in isolation. 

Alternatively, WorkScreen majors on testing flexibility and accessibility, an alternative approach to hearing tests for isolating staff is to wait until they are back at work. Because the WorkScreen handset can be deployed at short notice for any number of staff, anywhere, at any time, we can help you catch up with compliance and provide hearing checks as soon as staff return. We wrote a blog post on this topic  from the point of view of staff returning from holidays.

If you'd like to discuss how we can help hearing checks for returning workers, contact us.

Man Working from Home

WorkScreen gives you the option of testing staff where they are or waiting until they return