Powering the Hearing

WorkScreen is a unique hearing test system that uses patented UK technology to provide a user-operated surveillance audiometry hearing test to meet companies’ legal requirements under Noise at Work Regs.

Testing is simple, automatic, high quality, consistent and available anywhere 24/7. This means organisation is flexible, costs are reduced, testing is compliant and risks are reduced.

As a result, WorkScreen clients can reduce costs and get on with more rewarding, demanding or productive work without compromising staff care or protection.

Powering the Hearing Test Revolution

WorkScreen integrates the convenience of our calibrated tablet-audiometer handset with expert human oversight and service


Administered by computers, Overseen by experts

WorkScreen telehealth technology combines digital technology with human expertise: the WorkScreen handset automates hearing tests so that every test is consistently high quality and instantly available wherever you need, whenever you need it. More than this, every test is also reviewed in person, with further individual assessment for each and every referral, ensuring your staff benefit from the best commentary and advice for the real world.


Calibrated and certified

The WorkScreen system is a certified ClassIV audiometer. Each and every handset is independently calibrated and certified to meet the standards required by the HSE to provide surveillance audiometry.


Advanced Audits & Checks

A suite of checks and test monitoring systems embedded into WorkScreen provides a secure audit trail that verifies hearing test performance and correct user operation.


Noise isolating earphones = no booth

WorkScreen uses specialist high quality earphones that are independently calibrated to provide exceptional sound reproduction for accurate, clear tone presentation. Unlike traditional earphones or transducers used in old-fashioned audiology equipment, the same earphones also provide high levels of noise attenuation, which means accurate hearing test results without a sound booth or shelter.


Lifetime Warranty

We believe that unlike your hearing, all hardware is replaceable. That’s why all our plans include a full service package and warranty solution, so that you can be sure you can rely on having the equipment you need on hand without fuss.


Hygienic & Covid-safe

By using touchscreen technology, the WorkScreen handset reduces infection risks by making cleaning fast, easy and safe compared to old hand-held response buttons. After all, if covid is a new phenomenon that is here to stay, basic hygiene has always been a prerequisite and is particularly valued in the food industry.


One System, Many Uses

Surveillance Audiometry is just one application of the WorkScreen system. Our hearing tests also support staff induction and onboarding, welfare, training, PPE awareness or even youth screening. Contact us for more information.



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Leveraging the power dedicated IT systems and the internet means that WorkScreen can provide secure and reliable occupational healthcare.

By capturing data once only, directly onto our system, WorkScreen eliminates data-transfer risks and ensures data is available only to those who need it, when they need it.


Telehealth is the breakthrough technology that means WorkScreen can provide high quality workplace hearing tests, without our experts being “in the room”. In addition to conducting surveillance audiometry at any time of day, our advanced algorithms mean that the only 2 things required are a suitably quiet location and a Wi-Fi or a mobile signal (3G or higher).

Relevant Qualifications Insurance

The WorkScreen audiology team have acoustic qualifications and are fully qualified audiologists, with history providing hearing tests in industrial environments, the NHS and to private patients, to supply hearing aids.

Easy to Clean

WorkScreen is based around a tablet PC – which makes it simpler to keep clean. By doing away with the traditional “patient response button” – which the user would hold in their hand for the duration of the test – WorkScreen has removed a key site of potential cross-infection. You can download our cleaning guidelines on our FAQ page in the downloads section.

Covid Secure

Workscreen supports social distancing measures at work as a user-operated system that is intuitive and automatic, there is no requirement for technical or clinical staff to support users taking a WorkScreen hearing test.

No specialist training

The WorkScreen tablet handset requires no specialist preparation, is simple to operate and has been designed so that anyone who can use a smartphone, can effectively test their hearing with the minimum of oversight. Faster, easier testing with less supervision means workers, employers and healthcare staff can minimise negative operational impacts of testing and focus on high value, core activities.

Self-administered mobile hearing tests

WorkScreen is flexible and adaptable, which means staff can test their own hearing using our revolutionary new system.  Our technology allows your office to operate a  “drop-in” system, or whatever works for you, so that you can fit hearing tests around your needs with the minimum fuss and hassle.

Fit in hearing tests around work

Workscreen’s handset ensures hearing tests can take place anywhere and are fast and cost-effective, reducing time lost out of the office.

Revolutionary Technology

Calibrated, wireless, portable, rechargeable, the handset is delivered in a flight case, ready to go with minimal familiarisation and training. This means that – for the first time –  anyone with who can use a tablet computer, touch screen or iPad can test their hearing for Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) effectively and accurately.

Independently Tested & Certified

Every handset is independently calibrated to audiometric standards by the acoustic experts at Southampton Solent University. Calibration demonstrates that the WorkScreen service provides high quality hearing tests that meets the required legal standards:

  1. WorkScreen HSE hearing tests follow the required audiology test protocol (BS EN ISO 8253)

The WorkScreen audiometer handset accurately and repeatedly presents the right test tones (BS 60645)

Wireless, Lightweight, Portable

WorkScreen is designed for the operational, working environment. Lightweight, wireless and rechargeable, the handset weighs under 5kg and needs no other equipment or IT integration, so you can banish the separate laptop and printer!.

This minimises the physical strain and set up time associated with providing on-site hearing tests at work – and without any IT burden.

WorkScreen’s integrated stand and case contains everything you need to complete a quality hearing check closer to your worker station than ever. This means audiometric testing at work can be delivered in any suitably quiet location with 3G or Wi-Fi coverage – quickly, easily and with minimal technical input.

Instant Free Reports and Record Keeping

Hearing reports and referrals are instantaneous and provided by email, saving time and complexity in the clinic. Every record is stored online, providing a secure record of every test and result.


At the end of testing, the WorkScreen team provides a comprehensive management summary report, to support your hearing surveillance program documentation.

Fully Audited

Unlike other hearing test, WorkScreen automatically records every interaction with each hearing test to give full and precise insight into each and every test for full accuracy, audit and review where required.

GDPR & UK Data Centre

WorkScreen operates to GDPR regulations. We host and manage all data here in the UK, so that our clients can be sure data is held securely and safely in accordance with regulations.

Branded Screening Services

WorkScreen clients can add their corporate identity throughout WorkScreen and reports, so that WorkScreen powers your occupational health offering or screening services.

  • NAW/NIHL hearing screening
  • NAW/NIHL hearing surveillance
  • HSE hearing categorisation
  • Induction baseline testing
  • PPE training & awareness
  • On-boarding temps & casual workers
  • Occupational health assessments
  • Worker induction & exit interviews

The WorkScreen system comprises the calibrated WorkScreen screener handset which is used to access the WorkScreen hearing screening test.

  • Calibrated hearing screener to BS 60645-1
  • Screening test follows BS EN ISO 8253-1
  • 250Hz – 8kHz range
  • Instant HSE hearing categorisation & report
  • 100dB max output
  • User history questionnaire
  • Instant HSE hearing categorisation & report
  • Full audit trail for every test
  • Optional user database
  • Secure data storage in UK
  • Patented, UK technology
  • Validated by UK university


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