Rent or Buy. Spend Less per Test. Lower Costs All-Round.

Blissed Out Hearing tests.

All WorkScreen Packages Include.....

Low Prices per Test

Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Service & Calibration

Supervisor training & telephone support



Flexible user-operated hearing screening service, using the standard WorkScreen test, based on HSE guidelines.
WorkScreen handset is delivered to site for the relevant period of time, ready to go.

Suitable for

Ad-hoc or low numbers of hearing tests, where traditional test solutions are uneconomic, impractical or difficult tough to implement.



WorkScreen handset

Standard WorkScreen hearing test

Standard individual reports per user

Referral service

Summary report

Return courier




Embed the WorkScreen system into your organisation to provide flexible hearing tests anytime, anywhere.
WorkScreen is tailored to your corporate branding, and requirements, plus admin panel access.

Suitable for

Providing flexible hearing screening tests in medium to large/ dynamic or dispersed staff cohorts, WorkScreen maximises scale, flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.



WorkScreen handset

10% off test bundle prices

Corporate branded user interface & test reports

Referral service

Corporate branded test pages and reports

Secure admin panel

Advanced test analysis information

Online supervisor training session x 1

Telephone support

Service warranty package*

Starter test package*

12 months' service maintenance package*

Annual calibration


  • Tailored questionnaires & content

  • Multiple language support

  • Data upload

  • Staff data import/export

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