How WorkScreen Is Transforming Occupational Hearing Tests

Nov 15, 2019 | 0 comments

At WorkScreen, we’re helping businesses reclaim time lost to staff hearing appointments with our groundbreaking workplace hearing tests.

How to protect the ear health of your employees
Ear health can deteriorate slowly. Many people don’t notice it happening, so catching it early means you can
Make the necessary adjustments to help your employees carry out their work as usual
Record and manage the risks of anyone with problem hearing, and
Show the health and wellbeing of your staff are a priority

Whether your employees work indoors or outside, workplace hearing tests can be performed on anyone, in any suitable location at any time. WorkScreen is easy to use, and as you can carry out hearing tests in your workplace, you’ll reduce disruption to your workday.

How to use WorkScreen
The WorkScreen test kit comes in a portable case and is comprised of a wireless, rechargeable tablet screen and a set of calibrated high-quality earphones.
No specialist knowledge or training is required. All you need is a stable Wi-fi signal and a quiet area to conduct the test, like an empty office or boardroom, then for the participant to:
Place the earphones onto their head, and
Answer the questions on screen
Touch the screen when they hear the calibrated test tones
The results are instant and prepared to Health & Safety Executive guidelines, which means you can make the necessary changes to help your employees right away.

The hidden costs of hearing loss
Many people are embarrassed to talk about hearing loss which means they may never tell you. As their hearing deteriorates or conditions such as tinnitus worsen, it could affect their productivity, causing stress and anxiety.
So, whether you work in
Offices (particularly if you wear earphones all day)
Highway maintenance
Events/Nightlife (Bars, Nightclubs etc.)
If there’s a risk to the ear health of your staff, you have a duty of care to ensure excessive noise, vibration from machinery or music isn’t damaging their hearing.
Why not let WorkScreen help you minimise those risks?

What constitutes excessive noise?

If you think something is too loud, more than likely it is. This can be noise caused by some more obvious factors, like:
Drills & handtools
Heavy Machinery
Nail & Rivet Guns, and
However, even if you work in an office, you may find it’s a place where people shout to make themselves heard. And there may be many reasons for this, from the number of staff in a confined space and excessive background music to the phone volume on their handsets being set too high.

Join the hearing test revolution
WorkScreen recently made a big impact at Health & Safety , where our director, Tom Parker, explained to the delegates:
“We aim to make it easier for everyone who needs a hearing test at work to get one, which is why we are proud to be founder members of the UK Hearing Conservation Association. For the same reason, I was really pleased to get enquiries from sectors as diverse as hospitality, construction, brewing and rail, as well as consultants in noise and H&S.
The attraction for our clients is lower costs, with better scalability and flexibility, because you can take a test at any time of day for any number of people.”
So, are you ready to reclaim hours lost to employee appointments and join the hearing test revolution?
If so, contact us today to discuss your in-house workplace hearing tests – or read more on HSM page.