You're never invisible to us

Small companies can feel invisible looking for hearing tests

WorkScreen is designed to make hearing tests accessible to everyone. We understand that for small companies, not only are hearing checks ANOTHER complexity to get your head around, but not every provider is cost effective; able to provide the service you need or – in some cases – even bothered to service your need. As a DIY test, WorkScreen is different.

We conduct the test remotely so that costs are low and taking the test is convenient for you: at your work, at a time that you choose. This means you can keep doing what you need to, but still look after your most important asset - your team.

Of course, every situation is different - Contact Us to discuss yours.

The DIY HSE Hearing Test for Everyone

Low cost, fast hearing tests specially for teams of 10 or less.

WorkScreen Hearing Surveillance for Micro Companies

  1. Contact WorkScreen

  2. Agree number of tests & date

  3. WorkScreen handset is delivered by courier

  4. Short operator training session

  5. Take tests & receive individual reports immediately

  6. WorkScreen courier collects

  7. WorkScreen prepares your summary report


From contact to compliance in as little as 2 days!


Requirements – must have suitably quiet environment for testing and wi-fi/3G signal (minimum)


  • Our maximum cost per test is just £30 (+ courier)

  • Nice and simple. No Extras.

  • Online payment or on account