Hearing Tests for Everyone Without the Hassle

It can be tough and time-consuming implementing hearing surveillance programs in large organisations.


Typical challenges include testing many staff; workers spread across many sites and a changing workforce – sometimes using a variety of languages. In addition, audio testing at work can be a time consuming and draining task for occupational health professionals, taking them away from other tasks.

Because the WorkScreen handset is totally portable, it can get to wherever your staff are, ready for testing at the time that suits their operations, in their language and with a minimum of administrative burden. If this helps the operations team, our referral, reporting and administration packages saves further time and effort for occupational health, HR and Health&Safety teams.


Of course, every situation is different - Contact Us to discuss yours.


If hearing tests feel never ending, WorkScreen can help

Providing cost-effective hearing tests throughout Large Organisations

WorkScreen Hearing Surveillance for Large Organisations

  1. Contact WorkScreen

  2. Trial and evaluation

  3. Agree number of tests & service type

  4. WorkScreen handset is delivered by courier

  5. Operator training sessions

  6. Take tests & immediate individual reports

  7. WorkScreen prepares your summary report


From contact to compliance in as little as 2 days!


Requirements – must have suitably quiet environment for testing and wi-fi/3G signal (minimum)


  • Rent or Licence

  • Our maximum cost per test is £30 (+ courier).

  • Admin panel access & reporting

  • Options to include bespoke content or specialist test protocols