Whatever your industry, however large you are, if your staff are exposed to noise we can help.

WorkScreen’s Audiology self-assessment hearing tests can be integrated easily into your working day in any industry.

Shooting Schools & Clubs

food manufacturing hearing tests

Food Manufacture & Processing

food manufacturing hearing tests

Facilities, Grounds & Tree Services

Construction & Maintenance

food manufacturing hearing tests

Manufacturing Industries

How WorkScreen can help

WorkScreen is the easiest workplace hearing test for staff anywhere at any time of day. Our test is fully portable, comprehensive and simple to operate, which means WorkScreen is easy to roll out, wherever the site and whatever the size of workforce.

Instantly available at any time of day without specialist training, WorkScreen makes hearing tests available to anyone used to a smartphone or tablet.

We are proud to support workers of any nationality with our multi-language tests and information. This means everyone receives the same care, without scheduling complexities and costs associated with arranging translators.

The WorkScreen handset is a portable unit, designed for the workplace (not a clinic!), so that audiometric testing can take place closer to operations with minimum management effort and hassle. Portability and flexibility also means it is easier to identify and test in a suitably quiet location.

WorkScreen users therefore cut staff downtime using WorkScreen, while providing essential care and more time for staff to engage with surveillance audiometry and hearing care.

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