You've got to do it, so do it well


Hearing surveillance is mandatory for workers frequently exposed to noise. Traditionally, this has been a bit of a chore for all concerned.


WorkScreen is a better way to conduct workplace hearing screening as part of your surveillance system. Conceived to be faster, better, easier and more accurate than traditional systems, WorkScreen's self-test system minimises costs and administration as well as worker disruption and time off-task.

WorkScreen works just like a standard hearing screening test - except that it automates the repetitive bit. Which means the 44th hearing test is conducted in the same way as the 4th. And the 444th....And you can take the test whenever. And the headset is comfortable. And the test is taken via a familiar tablet interface. And results are presented immediately. And we email a copy instantaneously.

We think WorkScreen is the modern  way to screen hearing at work. That's why we invented it.


Drop us a line with a bit about your needs and we'll tell you more.


Hearing Screening