For Healthcare  Providers

WorkScreen is the FLEXIBLE audiometry solution. Scalable from the smallest jobs to the largest, with consistent testing - each time, every time, Stand-alone, self-contained and fully portable, you can easily use WorkScreen in clinics, mobile labs or for on-site hearing tests, Automated data reporting and test routines reduce staff admin workload and integrates with your systems for maximum productivity. 

For Occupational Health Professionals 

WorkScreen is the reliable, LOW-HASSLE audiometry service. Patented technology reduces the time, complexity, administration and costs of providing hearing screening at work. Auto-testing ensures reliable performance with minimal oversight and a full audit trail. Instant results and 24/7 availability support training, induction/ baselining, compliance and awareness initiatives with the minimum impact on staff performance or productivity.  

For Employers & Workers 

WorkScreen is the EASY, LOWER COST route to hearing tests at work. Simple to use 24/7, in any location with less disruption, lower on-costs and less lost productivity, WorkScreen can help you maximise staff availability and compliance with noise regulations, protecting your staff and your organisation. Configurable to any size organisation, WorkScreen supports staff training, awareness and wellness programs.

No hassle hearing tests & monitoring at work

Why WorkScreen

Less hassle, automatic, fast, consistent and reliable, WorkScreen even cuts admin by emailing reports automatically.

Using  WorkScreen

WorkScreen is based around a tablet handset, making it easy to use with minimal training.

HSE Regulations

Whether it's the NAW Regulations or just being a responsible employer that drives you, screening supports worker health..