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Adding value for you and your clients

WorkScreen works with consultants and specialist service providers to support and extend their services.This means consultants can help their clients receive trusted and timely services, to an assured standard and quality. 


If you provide any of the following services and do not have audiology provision, get in contact:

  • Training providers

  • Noise & Vibration consultants

  • Health & Safety Consultants

  • Noise Assessment Providers

  • Occupational Health Consultants


The WorkScreen mission is to ensure maximum access to hearing tests - anywhere, at any time. If you thing we can help you or your clients, contact WorkScreen here

Add value to consulting, training and advice with WorkScreen

Hearing Test Services for Consultants & Trainers

WorkScreen Locum Hearing Tests with Consulting & Training Organisations

  1. Contact WorkScreen

  2. Trial and evaluation

  3. Agree number of tests & service type

  4. WorkScreen handset is delivered by courier

  5. Operator training sessions

  6. Take tests & immediate individual reports

  7. WorkScreen prepares your summary report


From contact to compliance in as little as 2 days!


Requirements – must have suitably quiet environment for testing and wi-fi/3G signal (minimum)


  • Rent or Licence

  • Our maximum cost per test is £30 (+ courier).

  • Admin panel access & reporting

  • Options to include bespoke content or specialist test protocols