Revolutionary, low cost workplace hearing tests....


Designed to be conducted by anyone, our tablet based interface delivers easy, standardised high-quality testing for everyone.


Baseline induction testing, annual reviews, or ad hoc assessments. Run tests anytime without affecting work schedules.


On-site, in any workplace or back at HQ, our test units are compact and easily portable.

Quality Workplace Hearing Tests in 3 Easy Steps

1. Set

Set up anywhere in moments

2. Test

Testing is easy and fast

3. Results

Instant results and information

What We Offer...


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If you are interested in WorkScreen and would like to make a booking or need a quote call us on 0117 230 1717  or contact us to start the conversation. Use the buttons below to find out more about us, our journey, why you can trust our expertise, and how you can take the first step towards revolutionising training, awareness and workplace hearing test compliance. Whatever industry you’re in and wherever your employees work, WorkSceen is the modern approach to audiological checks at work...