Workscreen Client Case Study

PCS union

PCS union

Sector: Call-centre/ Telephone Support
Type: Public Sector/ Union
Location: UK-Wide
Size: 20 staff
Outcome: 100% hearing test compliance for PCS’ nationwide team of call-centre staff working from home, without distruption to their work

WorkScreen Handsets


Staff Tested

Over 4000 miles


Up to 80% time saving


The PCS union contacted WorkScreen to provide hearing tests for their home-based support staff, following introduction of new phone systems.

WorkScreen successfully managed the provision of hearing tests over an 8 week period with a minimum of disruption and downtime.

The Client

The Public and Commercial Services Union is the sixth largest trade union in the United Kingdom. Most of its members work in UK government departments and other public bodies.

The Back Story

Like many organisations, PCS is increasingly adopting a working from home approach and especially for its support teams who are spread around the UK. Within this, PCS continue to take the utmost care for their staff engaging with them to ensure their safety and welfare.

Following the introduction of a new telephone system and associated work practices, PCS responded to staff requests for hearing surveillance

We needed a quick, effective and flexible solution.”

Why PCS Chose WorkScreen

PCS understood that a flexible, user-operated system could offer the flexibility that they undoubtedly required to provide quality HSE-standard testing in-home to staff spread around the UK. Meanwhile, tele-health provided a route to keeping budgets under control, keeping staff safer from Covid risks and without disrupting work patterns.

The WorkScreen Solution & What Happened Next?

Picking up on the client requirements, WorkScreen created a proposal for PCS management team and immediately arranged a technical demonstration and familiarisation training for the HR team leading the project.

It was agreed that staff support would be undertaken by PCS, but all logistics for this important first run, would be WorkScreen’s responsibility. WorkScreen and the PCS team developed a package of staff information and a schedule to provide hearing tests to the PCS staff.

As part of the fully managed solution, each handset was returned to WorkScreen for sanitisation and function checking between users.  And, responding to an additional request from PCS, we also included individual cleansing wipes in each delivery to give staff extra reassurance.


WorkScreen has provided 100% coverage of surveillance audiometry for 20 PCS tele-support staff at 20 sites all around the UK – factoring in staff holidays through the busy summer period.

With time savings of over 80% compared to sending staff off site, or bringing them in for testing, WorkScreen has maximised staff availability, as well as provided essential reassurance to support the roll out of an important new engagement system.

“Home testing provided a safe and professional way to look after our staff.”

WorkScreen can be provided direct by WorkScreen or through your existing Occupational Health or PPE services provider.

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About WorkScreen

Developed in the UK by hearing specialists and product experts to improve hearing care in the workplace, the WorkScreen service makes hearing screening more accessible.

WorkScreen testing is accurate, fully audited and followed up instantaneously with results and advice. Users test themselves in any suitably quiet environment, improving access to screening, whilst also reducing disruption and opportunity costs associated with taking staff off task.

WorkScreen is a Pay As You Go service, priced per test or per period, offering flexibility and control without CAPEX, on-costs or responsibility.

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