Workscreen Client Case Study

Continental Landscapes

Continental Landscapes

Sector: Grounds Maintenance, Street Cleansing and Refuse
Type: Service Provider/ Contractor
Location: Scotland, London, Midlands, Home Counties, North West & Yorks
Size: c. 1,000, 24 depots of 4-50 per depot
Outcome: Cost effective surveillance for ~1,000 facilities & maintenance staff spread around UK depots, taking into account staff shift patterns & client productivity requirements

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4.7/5 Training Score

Switching to WorkScreen was made extremely simple with support at every step of the way. A simple effective system, with an honest helpful supplier.

Once the testing began, the support remained the same. Highly recommended and we look forward to working together for many years.”


Alan Roberts, Compliance Manager


The senior leadership team at Continental Landscapes approached WorkScreen to improve and develop their surveillance hearing testing system. Working together, WorkScreen and Continental have improved regulatory compliance, staff awareness and availability to meet their commitments whilst reducing costs.

The Client

Continental Landscapes is an award-winning grounds maintenance, landscape construction, street cleansing and refuse company working with local authorities and commercial clients around the UK.

Continental Landscapes was formed in 1989 and is a member of the Krinkels Group, who operate in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the UK. Since 1989, they have grown substantially in size and reputation. The company has developed significantly and now has a multi-million pound turnover.

Continental’s success is firmly rooted in the quality of its staff and processes: staff care, wellness and safety are therefore primary considerations throughout the company.

The Back Story

Continental depots around the UK vary from 4-50 staff. Smaller depots are difficult to service cost effectively. It is important not to disrupt service delivery to Continental’s clients in Local Authorities etc.

Continental therefore needed a more appropriate and flexible surveillance solution offering more control, with the ability to work around staff needs and schedules.  It was vital to get buy-in from staff, bringing all staff into the program, not just those working with ‘noisy kit’, and to increase compliance. Transparency of results and integration into the existing risk & safety management structure was also essential.  We needed to achieve all this while managing costs.

Why Continental Landscapes Selected WorkScreen

“Continental chose WorkScreen after many weeks of procurement and finally found a supplier that could deliver what we needed.

“Excellent technology and final support in receiving reports and follow-ups. Although we do not put a price on Health and Safety we have seen a financial saving of over 50% per test backed up by an excellent service.  

“We were delighted to finally find a supplier that could deliver on our requirements”

Alan Roberts, Compliance Manager

The WorkScreen Solution & What Happened Next?

With a thorough understanding of the issues, WorkScreen and the Continental H&S team created a simple account structure with separate test cohorts for each depot for data security and best team monitoring. Continental and WorkScreen also worked together to devise the optimum process management structure to ensure seamless, responsive and flexible hearing tests for all staff, that also met the organisational requirements.

A pair of WorkScreen handsets were provided as part of the contract, complete with lifetime warranty, servicing and backup. In consideration of the frequent handset movements and potential handling requirements, WorkScreen went further and devised a tougher handset package, based around a new case, which has now become the standard offering for new clients.

The package included full familiarisation training at each depot, which was rolled out over a 2 week period, followed up by regular contact between WorkScreen and Continental to ensure continued operational success.

”Each test takes no more than 18 minutes on average to complete and we have seen a 0% failure in returned reports against a current 300 completed tests across the company.

Once the equipment is turned on and setup (approximately 4 minutes) the administrator can allow the individual to complete the test alone, following the step by step instructions displayed on the screen.

Once the testing is complete the back office user stores the received report in our HR files.

In the event of a referral we have developed a letter template with WorkScreen that is sent to the individual advising to seek further advice which we also keep on record.” Alan Roberts, Compliance Manager


Continental were delighted that this improved package has reduced the budgetary impact of hearing surveillance by around 50%, so supporting investment in new programs and resources.

  • Continental spend 50% less on hearing surveillance than previous years.
  • All employees undertake annual hearing tests, not just those at risk working noisy machinery.
  • Temporary and seasonal staff have been effectively tested for the first time.
  • Increased awareness of hearing health.
  • Compliance rates are higher, costs are lower
  • Time taken to do these essential hearing tests is significantly reduced, meaning better productivity and less impacts on Continental’s clients.

“Quick simple and effective setup, strong support and training for over 25 test administrators completed in under 2 weeks, with certification. Easy to follow user guides.

A good strong robust piece of equipment that we can send out around the country and track its movements via WorkScreen.

Results emailed over in an easy to understand format for both the company and the individual.” Alan Roberts, Compliance Manager

WorkScreen can be provided direct by WorkScreen or through your existing Occupational Health or PPE services provider.

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