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About Us

“We created WorkScreen because traditional hearing tests are not practicable for many organisations today”

About Workscreen

WorkScreen has been created by a small team of hearing industry veterans concerned that too many workers at risk from undiagnosed hearing loss and from Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) were not getting hearing tests – even when regulations say they should​.

Compliance rates for hearing tests in certain industries (e.g hospitality) and in certain worker cohorts (e.g. contractors) is thought to be particularly poor.

This is partly because traditional occupational hearing test methods and systems were conceived to address the needs of a more heavily industrialised world and not for today’s society. In effect, traditional hearing tests are not practicable for many organisations today. WorkScreen was created to combine the latest technology with real world expertise and experience to provide a practical, safe and effective solution to providing surveillance audiometry for today’s organisations without the traditional hassle.

Taking into account our mission, a key goal of WorkScreen is to make hearing tests more accessible at work.

Mark Ashmore RHAD, MIOA

Technical Director

Mark has worked in the hearing arena for the past 25 years. He qualified as a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser in 1994, subsequently working for a major hearing aid retailer, followed by a leading manufacturer before setting up his own private practice as an independent. In 2005 he completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control. In 2012 he moved away from front line care of those with irreversible hearing impairment to work on ideas designed to help people protect their hearing. Mark Ashmore currently sits on the BSI PH/007 Standards Committee for Hearing Protectors and the CEN/TC 159/WG5 European Working Group.

Tom Parker, MEng, MBA

Commercial Director

Tom has been active in the UK hearing and audiology industry since 2006, most recently as Operations Director for a leading domiciliary hearing aid retailer and as Managing Director of the UK’s original distributor to the audiology profession.

A degree-qualified mechanical engineer, Tom’s breadth of experience includes commercial, marketing and project roles in the UK MoD, consumer electronics and for the UK’s first retail Internet TV offering, back in the early 2000’s. Tom completed his MBA in 2007, specialising in innovation and marketing. He continues to consult, innovate and devise products for a variety of – mainly audio and lifestyle related – applications.

About WorkScreen

Developed in the UK by hearing specialists and product experts to improve hearing care in the workplace, the WorkScreen service makes hearing screening more accessible.

WorkScreen testing is accurate, fully audited and followed up instantaneously with results and advice. Users test themselves in any suitably quiet environment, improving access to screening, whilst also reducing disruption and opportunity costs associated with taking staff off task.

WorkScreen is a Pay As You Go service, priced per test or per period, offering flexibility and control without CAPEX, on-costs or responsibility.

Teleaudiology | WorkScreen UK

Our Mission

Everyone who needs a hearing test at work should have one”

The WorkScreen team thought hearing tests at work and NIHL testing should be more accessible, so that more people could benefit from this important occupational health test.​​

WorkScreen is the world’s first calibrated online hearing test system dedicated to Occupational Health and addressing Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). We use a unique combination of patented technology with a simple tablet handset interface, so that testing is easy, standardised, high quality, fast and flexible to the needs of organisations, health providers and workers.

WorkScreen  means quality, standardised hearing tests can be conducted by anyone, anywhere, at any time of day.

We say this a lot, because this is what we offer