Our Story

WorkScreen has been created by a small team of hearing industry veterans concerned that too many workers at risk of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) were not getting hearing tests - even when they should by law. Compliance rates for hearing tests in certain industries (e.g hospitality) and in certain worker cohorts (e.g. contractors) is thought to be particularly poor.


This is partly because traditional occupational hearing test methods and systems were conceived to address the needs of a more heavily industrialised world and not for today’s society. In effect, traditional hearing tests are not practicable for many organisations today:

  • More regulations & tight budgets - Hearing testing has to fit in the context there's a lot to do and no more hours in the day to do it! 

  • Smaller workforces – smaller workforces make it challenging to employ occupational health services efficiently

  • More mobile and home working – dispersed workforces make it organising & deploying tests difficult

  • Shorter contracts, sub-contractors & changing work patterns – more starters and leavers with a more varied work history requires prompt baselining and exit tests to control risk.

  • Higher noise doses - Individuals are exposing themselves to higher noise doses outside work (listening to music on the go) and are at higher risk of starting work with NIHL, or of developing hearing problems like tinnitus.

"We created WorkScreen because traditional hearing tests are not practicable for many organisations today"

Mark has been at the forefront of delivering hearing healthcare technology and services for over 30 years, working with hearing aid manufacturers, national retail chains,  the NHS and through his own private practice. Mark has qualifications in acoustics and audiology, which created the insights behind WorkScreen’s unique technology.

Technical Director

Mark Ashmore

An MBA qualified engineer, Tom has been a key figure in the UK hearing and audiology industry since 2006, where he was Managing Director of leading distributor, PC Werth. Other  experience includes commercial, marketing and project roles in the UK MoD, consumer electronics and the UK’s first retail Internet TV offering, back in the 2000’s. 

Commercial Director

Tom Parker


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