The simple, convenient, user-operated industrial hearing test system.

Introducing WorkScreen

WorkScreen is a better way to conduct workplace hearing screening.


Conceived to be faster, better, easier and more reliable than traditional systems, WorkScreen's self-test system minimises costs and administration, as well as worker disruption and time off-task.

Use WorkScreen as part of health and safety surveillance, Noise at Work Regulation compliance regime, staff induction (baseline hearing evaluation), ad-hoc hearing tests and risk assessment (staff hearing ability).

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This is WorkScreen

WorkScreen provides instant, effective hearing screening in any suitable location.


The WorkScreen handset comprises high quality earphones connected to a touch screen tablet interface, controlled by patented online technology. Calibrated, wireless, portable, rechargeable, the handset is delivered in a flight case, ready to go with minimal familiarisation and training.


Every handset is calibrated to audiometric standards by an independent laboratory to ensure accurate tone generation and test results. This means that – for the first time -  anyone with who can use a tablet computer, touch screen or iPad can test their hearing for Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) effectively and accurately.


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Using WorkScreen

Operating WorkScreen is as simple as putting on the earphones, pressing "start" and following the on-screen instructions. Tests follow the HSE guidelines for industrial audiology and take 15-20 minutes, including questionnaire.

At the end of the WorkScreen test, users instantly see their results, including HSE hearing category. Users also receive a copy of their report by email for their records. The WorkScreen service includes referral service if relevant.


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Health & Safety Compliance without Hassle

Individuals, Contractors & Sole traders

Screening with the minimum hassle possible ensures you are compliant with the minimum disruption.

SME's, Workshops & Teams

WorkScreen's total flexibility means hearing screening keeps pace with the ever-changing dynamic nature of your needs and pressures.

Medium & Large Organisations

Configurable and endlessly scalable, WorkScreen applies tests to train, monitor or induct 1 to 10,000 staff consistently and conveniently.