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safe, contactless, low cost workplace hearing tests


Designed to be conducted by anyone, our tablet based interface delivers easy, standardised high-quality testing for everyone.


Baseline induction testing, annual reviews, or ad hoc assessments. Run tests anytime without affecting work schedules.


On-site, in any workplace or back at HQ, our test units are compact and easily portable.

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Quality Workplace Hearing Tests in 3 Easy Steps

1. Set

Set up anywhere in moments

2. Test

Testing is easy and fast

3. Results

Instant results and information


What We Offer...

Leveraging over 30 years of experience in healthcare technology and services we’ve developed a revolutionary, portable and cost effective hearing test product, and we offer the services you need to be compliant with UK Health & Safety and noise regulations.

No Contact, Safe Testing

WorkScreen e-health technology means DIY tests are safer to use, minimising contact & cross infection.



Workscreen is the simple, low cost, DIY industrial hearing test available to rent or buy.  



Take time, cost and hassle out of occupational health with our hearing test services. 



Workplace noise is regulated under the Control of Noise at Work Regulation (2005).

Ready to find out more?

Whatever industry you’re in and wherever your employees work, WorkSceen is the modern approach to flexible, fast and convenient audiological checks at work. Call WorkScreen on 0117 230 1717  or contact us to start a conversation. Use the buttons below to find out more about us, our journey, why you can trust our expertise, and how you can take the first step towards revolutionising training, awareness and easier compliance with workplace hearing test regulations.


We Hear You


Furniture Maker. Oldham

Workscreen is the most efficient screening product we have seen, the screening is simple to use, results are immediate and the level of flexibility means no interruption to day to day operations

JH - Program Manager,

Stepnell Construction

We are always working to improve health awareness and safety on site, so wanted to provide on-site hearing tests that suited construction workers. We liked the fact that WorkScreen was cost effective for smaller teams and could flex with the dynamic schedule of a busy site with minimal disruption. In the event, using WorkScreen tested staff hearing in a really convenient way, without pulling them off their tasks, which meant that we ticked an important H&S box, educated our team about noise and ensured work was not delayed.

Roger Hart, MSc, MIOSH, CSHP

Outsource Safety Ltd

What we like about Workscreen is its'flexibility. Too often we see surveillance solutions which, although sound from a technical perspective, cannot meet the demands of our clients fast paced businesses. The flexibility of Workscreen allows us to capture staff who aren’t normally covered, in industries where you cannot simply arrive at a factory environment to begin back to back tests.